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Sonos Multi-Room

Multi-room equipment

Sonos Multi-room system installed in and around Darlington
SVHI can help you every step of the way with your Sonos purchase and Sonos installation for wireless audio around the home. We can design and advise on the perfect multi-room audio solution to meet your needs, each solution is tailored to meet the needs of the customer and is future-proofed removing the need for later intervention and allowing for the simple up-grade of your Sonos audiosolution when required - whether wirelessly or hard wired via cat5e.

SVHI will work closely with you to achieve your perfect Sonos solution. For installations with minimal impact on your home environment we can provide all the latest Sonos equipment.

Music without limits Any song, any room, any time. The way we listen to music in our homes has changed, no more stacks of CDs in the way, all stored by digital storage. Music Tracks can come from MP3s (Digital Music Tracks), the Internet or from your PC.

With a Sonos Multi-Room Music System you can access your music library, online music subscription store and Internet radio stations from any room. Your Zones (bedroom, kitchen, bathroom ect,) work independently, different rooms broadcasting different music simultaneously, or synchronised to play the same music though out every zone, ideal for parties, All from simple hand held controls and even your smartphone or iPad.

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