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Professional TV Wall Mounting Installations

North East Custom install Darlington
This installation is personal to you, it can vary from wall mounting your Plasma, LCD, LED, or even your CRT to a Home cinema system, completing your very own home cinema room. Initially a convenient appointment will be made to complete a free site survey. This is for the purpose of discussing all your options and discuss any queries you may have. Some of the options available to you and are as followed:
  • Wall Mounting a Flat Screen TV
  • Wall Mount Surround Sound Speakers.
  • Ceiling Mount Projector and/or Screen
Cabling for all of these products can be run through conduit or chased into the wall. We also offer the service of supplying any or all types of brackets and cables. We will then provide you with a written quotation and upon completion demonstrate the operation of these products.

Flat screen televisions are suitable for all wall construction types including dot and dab, stud walls, cavity, solid walls, above fireplaces chimney breasts. Provided that you have the correct bracket, we can help you choose the best option for you. We can ever provide ceiling mounted bracts for flat screen TV or projectors. If you need some ideas for your own custom install take a look at our gallery, Click here >

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